The new name for Sunvalley and Jarvis Medical Practices in Glodwick

Covid-19: Changes & Support

No doubt by now you will have seen lots of talk on the T.V and Social Media about the COVID Booster program and changes to your Doctors service.
Over the next few weeks, in line with the Governments request Sun Valley Medical Practice will be operating an amended service focusing on clinically essential works and the delivery of COVID vaccinations.
Please do not worry, we are still here for your medically urgent needs, such as medication requests, childhood immunusations and poorly children and Mental Health concerns.
But we also need your help. Please only contact the practice if your request is URGENT. Please do not shout at the staff, they are doing their very best under difficult circumstances, and depending on Government guidance things may change without much notice.
We know that you will have received a lot of Text messages lately from the practice and other sources and may be tired of them, but please keep reading them and actioning them when asked as they are important and the fastest way to get information to you.
Lastly, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you have a FULL course of COVID vaccinations to ensure you have the maximum amount of protection available. The practice have a lot of clinics scheduled over the next two weeks so please attend for a vaccine AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Thank You all for your support and co-operation during these difficult and challenging times.
Kindest Regards from ALL the team at Sun Valley Medical Practice.

Your wellbeing

It’s important to consider your general and mental wellbeing during this time. The Shared Health Foundation has put together two sets of resources that we think many of our patients will find useful.

General wellbeing links and resources

Family wellbeing links and resources

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